The space

The Logan Share is home to a number of seasoned and up-and-coming creative companies and professionals based in Chicago. We believe that our first job is to be great hosts to our members. Secondly, we offer a unique mix of amenities that suit professional, creative work in a open, bright environment.

By deliberately choosing not to include foosball tables, ping-pong tournaments, video game systems, pets, razor scooters, and other co-working clichés, we've tried to instead create the most distraction-free work environment in Chicago. We believe that you'll be more productive, more professional, and more creative when working at The Logan Share. 

Housed in a former furniture warehouse, this building benefits from 45 feet of north-facing windows, 14 foot high ceilings, a white-washed ceiling and floors, and 3500 square feet of open floor plans. The environment is bright, welcoming, and professional, with coordinated furniture that creates a flexible space that can host clients and events.

Prospective members are encouraged to schedule a visit, and are welcome to work for the rest of the day to get a feel for the people and the space. By doing so, we hope to give current and prospective members a sense of the culture we're trying to create.

The neighborhood

We're a neighborhood co-working space based in Logan Square, catering to those that want to be connected to the city, but don't need to go downtown everyday. Our space is a 10 minute walk from the CTA Logan Square Blue Line stop, and is just 30 minutes from 1871, Union Station, and the Loop.

Logan Square continues to be one of Chicago's most vibrant neighborhoods with a range of top-notch local amenities: 



Why we started The Logan Share

When we started our company we, like many entrepreneurs, started by working out of our spare bedroom. Between team member collaborations and meetings with clients, that quickly became unsustainable. Coffee shops were the next logical step, but they're not really focused on making a great work environment. So we had two options: find a tiny private office we could afford (no bigger than our spare bedroom) or find a much bigger place that we could share with other professionals in a similar boat. We chose the latter and haven't looked back since. 

Welcome to The Logan Share.